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January 19, 2013
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VOTE Sedna! SS 2013 Pageant by Kingdomkey VOTE Sedna! SS 2013 Pageant by Kingdomkey

Sedna: *Pushes Tiamat out of the way and strikes a pose* "Sorry Tia! I heard I'm won the contest! Don't worry though! I'll share the prizes. Yoo hoooo! Mr. Photographer! I'm ready for my close ups!"

Tiamat: *blushes profusely.* "But the contest hasn't ended yet."

Sedna: *Pouts angrily.* "It hasn't!? Well!" *Stares at audience* "You'd better vote for me, or if I'm not your type you'd better vote Tia! She's the only one that I'll accept loosing to!" *Brandishes whip.*

Tiamat: "..."

Lol Sedna doesn't know Tia is a boy~ ;D And Poor Tia doesn't know how to act around girls or boys for that matter...

Anyways. Only one person has entered early, and voting starts tomorrow Later on today. You can enter at anytime before the end date.

SEXY Shark 2013 Pageant! -VOTING STARTS TOMORROW~! Voting is starting tomorrow! You may enter until the last day of the contest! Last day for early entry! Yar Fellow Gummi Lovers! This is yer first mate Key, elated to announce the official Sexy Shark Pageant 2013 This is all ye- Okay, its gonna get annoying typing like that. Ahem~ This is a chance for all you Gummi Shark owners to win FREE art and for those of you that have no sharks to vote on whose design you find to be the sexiest. Lets jump right into those icky but important rules. Read them, and COMPREHEND them. Soak it up (Water pun not intended.). There is nothing more annoying than having to answer a question that's already answered in the rules. Reread before you ask questions, and try to use that common sense. This is for FUN. Do not ruin the mood. If all you have to say is "I'm sad, I have no gummi shark." or anything else negative keep it to yourself. There's a great big beautiful future out there, and if we enjoy this enough w

Remember, I'm not really entering. Lol Since I'm the judge.

However, the password for voting and entry is the name of which of my sharks you think is "sexiest".

I still stay vote Tia ;D Cause Trap ftw.

Shhhhh don't tell Seds I said that.

*runs off to play video games before bed.*
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RogueProductions Jan 22, 2013  Student Filmographer
Very cute and sexy, what an interesting design too!
Thank you! =Piehugs made her just for me and I just felt she was perfect. Booooas! I love boas!
TheHappyLandfill Jan 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Lovely Sedna x)
she's such a cutie!
I am rooting for Tia though >> *cross arms* lol
Lol Thank you! Lol ;D I'm rooting for Tia too. Traps FTW.
Aww... She's so cute! X) Ill try to enter later today
:D Thanks~ Awesome! Can't wait!
lol it might be tomorrow now... im being lazy atm xD
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